Our account managers have received ‘multidisciplinary’ training and can join up the various disciplines

The Entrepreneur

The “Entrepreneur” – often the Director and Major Shareholder (DMS) – is the focal point for PKF Wallast. Whether you have just set up a business or whether your company has developed into a multinational, PKF Wallast will be able to help. We can look after your records, financial statements and tax returns, as well as provide specialist advice in relation to important events. We understand the opportunities and challenges facing entrepreneurs. Our strength is our ability to take a ‘wide’ view of your affairs, covering your business operations as well as your private finances. In addition, our account managers have received ‘multidisciplinary’ training and can join up the various disciplines, which means that you do not need to switch between different persons.

A selection from the various support options available to entrepreneurs

We unburden many entrepreneurs by assisting them in their regular business operations (such as accountancy / year-end reporting, tax returns, insight into their financial position, tax optimisation and compliance). It is important for you and your staff that your wage tax and social security issues are carefully considered. For example, not all companies apply the work-related expenses scheme (WKR) properly. We can audit the financial statements for companies subject to a statutory audit, but also carry out voluntary audits.

We can assist in the sale of business units, mergers and acquisitions, for instance by performing the financial and tax due diligence reviews, calculating the value, working out the tax restructuring or taking care of the legal documentation. Sometimes there are opportunities in terms of subsidies or tax benefits, such as the innovation box. The combination of business and private involves issues that require consideration: prenuptial agreements, business continuity (succession, but also continuity in case of emergencies such as long-term illness), pensions, personal financial planning, wills, borrowing from the bank or the company, and company funding. Doing business across borders offers many opportunities, but also entails more complex issues. What are the VAT consequences? How will you remain compliant in the various countries?

We can also assist you with supply chain advice and customs advice, so that goods will not be held up at the border unnecessarily.

Eric Gort

Advisor, business valuator

Eric Gort specialises in consultancy on domestic and international issues. A large part of his practice concerns consultancy relating to business valuation, business succession, expansion and business funding. In addition, he provides clients with tax planning and (strategic) commercial advice. Eric supervises company purchase and sales processes and assists lawyers in divorce cases and the termination of collaborative ventures where taxation and business valuation are concerned.

René van Dijk

Advisor, Business valuator

René van Dijk advises companies on how to optimise their tax position. In addition, he provides advice in respect of property restructuring processes, reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions and business succession, business valuation and management buy-outs and buy-ins.

Tailor-made advice from PKF Wallast professionals

Are you looking for a business economist, business valuation advice or one of the other services mentioned above? Then please arrange a no-obligation introductory meeting with one of our staff members.


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