Quality policy

We offer high-quality services. We continuously invest in the expertise of our employees and constantly monitor whether our quality policy is complied with. Our Code of Conduct has a central position here. This code contains rules of interaction and offers scope to address each other’s behaviour. The key core values are integrity, objectivity, expertise, meticulousness, confidentiality and professional behaviour.


Complaints procedure

Do you have any suggestions for improvement of our services? Or would you like to report (suspected) misconduct? In that case you can make use of our complaints procedure or whistleblowers’ scheme.

The complaints procedure stipulates how complaints regarding the professional behaviour of a PKF Wallast employee are to be handled. Although this complaints procedure is in principle intended for third parties, our own employees can also use this procedure to file a complaint regarding professional behaviour.

The scope of the whistleblowers’ scheme is broader than that of the complaints procedure. The whistleblowers’ scheme is intended for reporting suspected misconduct. Both employees and third parties can make use of the whistleblowers’ scheme.]




Conditions for provision of services

The partnership PKF Wallast is the only contracted party for all the work. All assignments are subject to our General Terms and Conditions, filed with the Registry of The Hague District Court on 9 november 2018. These conditions include a limitation of liability. Except for assignments to audit annual accounts as referred to in Section 2:393 of the Dutch Civil Code, the partnership PKF Wallast accepts no liability whatsoever for third-party use of PKF Wallast communications.