In order to serve you optimally in the field of international operations as well, we are affiliated with the network of PKF International Limited. This global network of legally independent offices has a common commitment to and responsibility for quality, integrity and creating clarity within complex regulations.


With offices in 440 cities,150 countries and five continents, we are specialised in high-quality auditing, accounting, tax advice and business-related advice for international and national companies in all our markets. The affiliated members of PKF International Limited generate a total turnover of $2.52bn. The network is a member of the ‘Forum of Firms’ - an organisation dedicated to consistent and high-quality standards for financial reporting and auditing practice worldwide.


Why should you choose PKF?

PKF members all over the world offer a wide range of business-related advice and accountancy services that meet the needs of individual clients in their local markets. By collaborating with a PKF member, you can be certain that the work will be performed by committed professionals with international expertise.