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Do you find that keeping your payroll records takes too much time and energy? The rules are changing all the time and it is sometimes difficult to keep up. There are various ways in which we can help you here, for example by periodically checking your payroll records or by keeping these records on your behalf. We can do this very efficiently and transparently in the cloud. We will provide you and your employees in good time with the information you need. Via our online client portal, you will receive documents in electronic format which can be easily viewed and approved. In addition, our payroll and HRM software offers you a modern, user-friendly online HRM & Payroll solution.

Our payroll specialists can help you with

  • Payroll

  • Payroll services

  • Data analysis, modules and links


Nmbrs helps us create smooth Payroll and HR processes by involving all users including the employees, thus ensuring optimum service provision with minimum effort. In Nmbrs we can, among other things, enter updates for your employees, register changes to your workforce, perform payroll processing operations and share the output of the payroll processing with you. Our point of departure is that the payroll records should be error free, which will prevent additional tax assessments and fines.

Benut u de vrije ruimte optimaal? De werkkostenregeling bestaat al sinds 2015. Toch merken wij dat veel organisaties nog niet altijd op de hoogte zijn van alle details omtrent deze regeling. Ieder jaar volgen er aanpassingen en het is belangrijk om ieder jaar met een juiste analyse tool te kijken naar de impact voor de organisatie.

Om meer grip te krijgen op de WKR kunnen de loonheffingen specialisten van PKF Wallast het proces rondom de WKR in kaart brengen. Met een juist en volledig proces zal enerzijds de wet- regelgeving worden beheerst en anderzijds zal duidelijk zijn wie welke rol heeft in het proces rondom de WKR. Een proces kan op meerdere manieren worden vastgelegd.

Payroll services

Are you in need of temporary support? Our payroll consultants can also keep your payroll records in house, in your own payroll solution. In doing so, we can also take a direct look at your current payroll process and optimise it where possible. This will unburden you both in the short term and in the long term where your payroll is concerned.


PKF Wallast offers various service models, as set out below. It is important that we tailor the service model to your organisation. The model will depend on the amount of time you and your organisation are prepared to spend on payroll yourselves. This requires careful consideration, in which we are happy to help.

Model 1: outsourced (we look after the payroll process and update the records)

Model 2: together (we are involved in the payroll process together in order to update the records each month)

Model 3: self-administered (you are predominantly responsible for the payroll process and the updates)

Data analysis, modules and links

All models allow the use of our data analysis tooling, which provide insight into all available payroll data. We would be happy to tell you more about this in a personal meeting.

In our view, payroll involves much more than just updates and returns. The payroll records can always be structured more efficiently. Through Nmbrs, we can help your organisation set up modules for administering leave, sickness absence, recruitment, contracts and many other aspects. We can also optimise your business processes by using links to connect the relevant payroll data to, for example, your financial system.

Wilco Noordermeer

Manager payroll

Wilco Noordermeer has worked at PKF Wallast since 2016. Wilco is involved in the entire payroll process, from start-up to wage tax returns, and all associated aspects. He advises clients in respect of social security and tax legislation.

Amanda Opmeer

Payroll specialist

Amanda has been working at PKF Wallast since 2016 as a payroll specialist. Amanda is involved in the entire payroll process, from start-up to wage tax returns, and all associated aspects.

Tailor-made advice from PKF Wallast payroll professionals?

Would you like to receive advice from the PKF Wallast professionals or require further information on employment tax? Then please contact us for a no-obligation introductory meeting.


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