As an entrepreneur you may also be involved in acquiring and selling companies. The question of how the transaction and the financing for the acquisition can be structured best in tax-related terms is almost always important here. And obviously: what is the company actually worth?


In addition, you will require expert support to get a clear picture of what you are buying or to create the best possible conditions when selling. A (vendor) due diligence investigation contributes to this.


Increasingly often, we see the existing management or an entrepreneurial manager outside the company buying together with an investor. These transactions have a number of specific focal points.


PKF Wallast has lots of experience regarding mergers and acquisitions. If you would like to know more about this, feel free to contact one of our advisers for a non-binding conversation.


Our areas of expertise


  • business transfers

  • tax structuring

  • acquisition financing

  • due diligence investigations

  • valuation

  • management participation / MBO