Due diligence

Vendor due diligence

Not many entrepreneurs sell more than one business during their entrepreneurial career. As an entrepreneur, you would like to know in advance in which way you can achieve the highest price and best condition before selling your business. The specialists from the Valuation Services team conduct research and creates a report about your company that can be used for insights or potential buyers. Together with the entrepreneur, we will analyse the future financial, commercial and operational prospects. The legal structure and tax aspects will also be analysed extensively. If desired, the investigation can result in an information memorandum for potential buyers. The information memorandum can limit due diligence process for potential buyers, resulting in a more efficient sales process.


Financial due diligence for company acquisition

When acquiring a company or its shares, it is important to know whether you are making the right decision. Our team conducts research into the desired company, focusing on the current and historical financial situation, including the commercial and organizational circumstances. This prevents important financial factors from being overlooked.






We identify risks and critical success factors of the company to you want to acquire. Our analyses indicate how and to what extent the investment can yield a return and how this contributes to the success of the total company. Our Valuation Services team forms an opinion on the value and the price. The results of the financial due diligence can lead to the cancellation of the purchase, the adjustment of the price and / or conditions and the processing of identified risks in the guarantees that need to be issued by the seller. But the investigation can also confirm that the purchase can be a good decision.


Our advisors also pay attention to relevant tax aspects, such as corporate tax, payroll related tax, social security contributions and value added tax. The versatility of the PKF Wallast advisors ensure a complete overview before the acquisition of the desired company.


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