Corporate Finance

PKF Valuation Services offers various services in the field of Corporate Finance. Do not hesitate to contact our advisors, if your financial question is not mentioned at our website. Together with our advisors we strive to offer suitable and high-quality services.


Management reports

With our knowledge and experience we offer support in creating a balanced and reliable management report. Together with our Value Based Management service, this report allows you to gain insights in irregularities in trends or in significant changes compared to the desired situation. This allows you to make timely adjustments. We pay special attention to the development of company specific key figures and ratios.



As an entrepreneur it is important to draw up an annual budget, that sets tasks in order to create and retain a clear view of your goals. Our team can support you in analysing and drawing up the annual budget.


Liquidity forecasting

Liquidity forecasts are important to gain insights into the fluctuations in your cashflows over a period, which allows you to make better management decisions. Based on monthly management reports and the annual budget, our team can provide a forecast (usually for the next twelve months). This forecast can be used to attract financing or can be provided to (potential) buyers.


Transfer pricing

Large concerns have to deal with internal price agreements. By law it is required that intercompany transactions are done in line with the ‘at arm’s length’ principle. Our team can provide support with the determination of whether the prices are in line with the ‘at arm’s length’ principle and can provide a solid report for the intercompany transaction prices. The combination of corporate finance knowledge and tax knowledge enables our team to deliver the optimal solutions.


Investment decisions

Entrepreneurs often face major financial decisions, such as a large investment or the sale or purchase of another company. We can provide guidance and support, beyond conducting a valuation.


Investment decisions can have a huge impact on your business. Therefore, it is important to keep a close eye on the size of the risks and the expected returns on the investment. Our team offers support by calculating various scenarios, by mapping the sensitivity of the cash flows or by helping you interpret the figures and results.


Optimal financing structures

How did you finance your business? Do you ever wonder whether you have set up the optimal financing structure within your company? The specialists of the Valuation Services team are happy to advise you.



In a divorce belongings are divided between the (ex) spouses. Owning shares in a company or interests in another legal entity play an important role in this process. Our team can provide support as an advisor to determine the value of the shares or interests.