About PKF Valuation Services

PKF Valuation Services is active in the field of valuation, management and employee participation, value-based management, business succession, corporate finance and due diligence. The team provides services to different types of companies, ranging from SMEs to listed companies.


As a specialist, PKF Valuation Services is innovative in the field of corporate finance and focuses on delivering quality and customer-oriented solutions. Our close ties with TIAS University and the NiRV (The Dutch Institute for Registered Valuators) ensures that our team is quickly up to date with the latest developments in the field of valuation. This ensures that we can be innovative and that our services can pursue high quality standards. As consultants, our team members are proactive and focused on creating value for the company. Our Registered Valuators are broadly educated and are often also educated as Certified Accountants, tax specialists or law specialists as well. This allows them to solve multiple issues at the same time.


The Valuation Services team consists of 7 team members, 5 of which are Registered Valuators and member of the NiRV. The team is nationally and internationally active and has access to the international PKF network.


PKF Valuation Services aims to become the knowledge centre for SMEs in the Netherlands in the field of business valuation. With Joy van der Veer, one of the leaders in the field of valuation in the Netherlands, and the strong basis of Registered Valuators within our team, a big step has been taken to achieve this objective.


Our team can support you in the following areas:


  • Company valuation

  • Management & employee participation

  • Value Based Management

  • Business succession

  • Corporate Finance

  • Due diligence


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