Are your legal risks and processes under control?


You may not realise this, but you are dealing with all kinds of legal matters almost every day. Nobody likes to be confronted with claims or other unpleasant surprises, like payment disputes. It is therefore highly important that you control your legal risks and processes. Our lawyers will provide you with high-quality and practical support. Armed with flexibility and a ‘no-nonsense approach’, they will look for legal solutions together with you, which are both ‘to-the-point’ and tailored to your company. No long-winded scientific legal arguments, but practical solutions. Examples are preparing a clear loan agreement or transparent terms and conditions. The close collaboration with our tax specialists and accountants makes us the perfect partner to consider for commercial and tax-related aspects for the issues you are facing.


What can we assist you with?

The areas in which our corporate lawyers can assist you include:



Z.T. (Zulie) Radjabova Junior assistant accountancy
Z.T. (Zulie) Radjabova, Junior assistant accountancy
W.J.D. (Wilma) Snelleman-Bergs Receptionist
W.J.D. (Wilma) Snelleman-Bergs, Receptionist
W.J. (Joy) van der Veer MSc MBV MiF AA RV Business Valuator, Advisor
W.J. (Joy) van der Veer MSc MBV MiF AA RV, Business Valuator, Advisor
W. (Wisjal) Walia Senior assistant accountant
W. (Wisjal) Walia, Senior assistant accountant
W. (Wilco) Noordermeer Senior payroll specialist
W. (Wilco) Noordermeer, Senior payroll specialist
W. (Wesley) La Grand Junior assistant accountancy
W. (Wesley) La Grand, Junior assistant accountancy
V. (Vera) van Vellinga - van Someren Secretary
V. (Vera) van Vellinga - van Someren, Secretary
Th.M.J. (Dirk) van den Nouland Assistant accountant
Th.M.J. (Dirk) van den Nouland, Assistant accountant
Th.J.M. (Dorien) Jansen AA Senior assistant accountancy
Th.J.M. (Dorien) Jansen AA, Senior assistant accountancy
T.W. Thomas Oppe ICT Support employee
T.W. Thomas Oppe, ICT Support employee
T.T. (Thomas) Genee LL.M., M.Sc. Advisor
T.T. (Thomas) Genee LL.M., M.Sc., Advisor
T.G.M. (Tom) Wilmer RB Senior assistant accountancy
T.G.M. (Tom) Wilmer RB, Senior assistant accountancy

Budget Day Special 2019 complete

Many of the measures included in the Tax Plan 2020 had already leaked out to a greater or lesser extent or had already been announced by the Cabinet. [...]