Due diligence investigations


Vendor due diligence

Not many SME entrepreneurs sell more than one company during their business careers. In this case you would obviously like to know in advance how to achieve the highest price and the best conditions. We will investigate this and prepare a report for you, for the potential buyers or for both. During the investigation we will mainly assess the perspectives for the future in consultation with you, in both financial, commercial and operational terms. The legal structure and all tax-related aspects will also be extensively covered. If desired, an information memorandum for potential buyers can be prepared at the end of the investigation. An information memorandum can limit the investigative activities required from potential buyers, making the sale process more efficient.


Financial due diligence for acquiring a company

When acquiring a company or shares in a company, it is important to know whether you have made the right choice. We can perform an investigation into the company to be acquired, aimed at its financial situation both in the past and in the future, also involving the commercial and organisational circumstances. This prevents key financial factors from being overlooked.





We map out the risks and critical success factors of the company to be acquired. Our analyses indicate how and to what extent the investment can yield a return and how this contributes to the success of the company as a whole. Our Valuation Services team can use this to form an opinion of the value and the price. The results of the financial due diligence may lead to someone deciding against the acquisition, modifying the price and/or conditions and incorporating any risks found in the guarantees to be provided by the seller. But the investigation can also confirm that it is a good buy.


Our advisers also focus on relevant tax-related aspects, such as corporation tax, deductions at source, social security contributions and turnover tax. It is precisely the versatility of the advisers at PKF Wallast that allows the various areas of expertise to be taken on in an integrated manner. We work with a compact, responsive team.