Business Valuation and Corporate Finance


Entrepreneurs regularly have to deal with major financial decisions, e.g. a major investment or the acquisition or sale of a company. For these kinds of issues, assistance and support involving more than just a valuation report is useful. We can give you the best possible help with our specialised Valuation Services team. Our valuation specialists are very broadly trained and are for the most part registered accountants and/or tax specialists.


Below are a number of examples for which Valuation Services can provide support.



Many entrepreneurs are not fully aware of how the value of a company is determined. They often focus mainly on the balance sheet and the profit and loss account, or on money spent in the past. But it is much more important to look ahead. After all, buyers buy in the future, not in the past.


A valuation provides an additional insight into your business and its value. We not only consider returns, but also the transferability of those returns to the buyer. In addition, risks and dependencies also play a key role in the valuation. A valuation gives you an insight into the company’s potential for improvement and ensures that you are perfectly prepared when the company is sold.