Business related advice


As an MSE entrepreneur you are constantly busy improving the return on your company. Apart from your current income, the company will also provide a large share of your pension. It is therefore important to get a clear picture of the current (financial) situation and the desired picture for the future in a timely manner. Key questions about the relevance of the current business and revenue model for the future play a major role here. Our broad knowledge allows us to properly map out the current situation of your company and support you on your way to the desired situation.


Value management

Every entrepreneur wants to increase the return on his company, but this does not automatically increase its value. Value management focuses on value creation. It maps out the current value of the company. The future potential value is also highly important here. When carrying out value management, we consider your current and desired final situation together with you. We not only include returns, but also business risks, the optimum tax structure and legal risks. We then draw up a plan together. Our broadly trained advisers can assist you perfectly in this process.