Ensuring that the books and balance sheet records are in order before the audit can be a time-consuming and complex task. This task has become more important now that the auditor’s requirements for the contents and quality of the records, conditions for the audit budget issued and the deadline to be met are becoming increasingly strict.


As a pre-audit service, PKF Wallast will support you in collecting and supplying the right information. Based on our own auditing work, we have expertise regarding and also lots of experience in keeping records of other accounts offices. We transfer our expertise to your own people, after which they can use these skills for future balance sheet records and for interim balancing. In addition, we will be happy to support you when compiling the annual accounts.


To guarantee smooth communication, PKF Wallast will participate in the discussion between the external auditor and your organisation. The involvement of PKF Wallast on your side of the table makes it easier to control the agreed budget. This prevents difficult discussions on additional work, which you will find highly desirable, and often the auditor as well.