International & group audits

Organisations that operate internationally have to deal with specific risks and opportunities. Differences in legislation and culture make the landscape complex and require a professional approach. The auditing of your financial statements should therefore be entrusted to a specialist.


The international auditing department of PKF Wallast has a lot of experience in this regard and is aware of the complexity you face in your day-to-day business. This competence allows us to carry out our auditing work efficiently and effectively.


As a group auditor we can take care of the complete auditing of your financial statements, providing you with a sparring partner who has a clear view of your situation. By being critical we help you to keep the organisation under control.


As an auditor of a group company we can ensure that the local circumstances are understood. By applying our knowledge of international reporting standards and standards applicable in other countries, we can act in a targeted manner in our communication with the parent company and group accountant.