Reliability is the number one condition for valuable information. An organisation that is in control of its business processes is able to make better strategic choices. Doing business therefore means mapping out risks and responding to them correctly.


The professionals of PKF Wallast have broad expertise in the field of audit and assurance. They will audit your financial statements and carry out other assurance assignments. In addition, they will assist you in all aspects of your risk management, ranging from checking your IT systems to advice on your internal controls. We will give you the assurance you require in a personal manner, tailored to your situation.


This assurance is not only valuable to you, but also to your shareholders, clients, suppliers and financiers. It gives them the guarantee that your organisation and systems are scrutinised by experts. It gives them confidence in their relationship with you.




We can support you in the following areas:



In addition to these services, we can also carry out specifically agreed work.

Budget Day Special

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