The annual accounts are the financial statements of your business. They are a key source of information, because they provide insight into the financial performance of your company. This information is also important for the tax authorities or your bank. The requirements to which the annual accounts are subject are set out in laws and regulations. We use advanced software which, in combination with our expertise, guarantees that the annual accounts – or similar accounts – are prepared in an efficient manner in accordance with laws and regulations. Our accountants have a great deal of client knowledge; we will also develop such a detailed knowledge of your business. We also have a knowledge of various sectors. We combine this knowledge with personal commitment to your business. In the audit report, we provide a financial summary and the key indicators for your company. These can be used as a basis for the financial and tax-related planning of your company. You will also receive a compilation report, in which we provide accountability for our work.


Apart from the annual accounts, we also support you in preparing financial reports for consolidation purposes and other financial statements.