Apart from keeping or providing support for financial accounts, we will also help you to prepare reports and forecasts, and help you with your tax returns.


Management reports

A management report is very important to you as an entrepreneur. It gives you insight into the performance of your organisation at a glance. Our advisers will be happy to work with you on determining what information you require to manage your organisation effectively.


By combining our experience and expertise with your information, we will be able to prepare a balanced and reliable management report. You will immediately see any deviations from trends or significant changes. We pay special attention to developing business-specific indicators and ratios.



Based on our strategic expertise, PKF Wallast will be happy to support you in translating your vision into a realistic and strict budget. This ensures that you have and maintain a clear view of your targets. We will help you set up the budgeting process and the budget itself.







Liquidity forecasts

To finalise the required business-related information, we will prepare a liquidity forecast in consultation with you. Based on the monthly management reports and the budget, we will prepare a forecast of the expected cash flows for a certain period of time (usually the next 12 months). It will allow you to look ahead to the future and make the best possible investment decisions.



Your clients, suppliers or financiers may want an insight into your financial position. In that case PKF Wallast can add assurance to your financial statements, to increase the confidence external parties have in your company. See for this our services described under Audit and Assurance.