As an entrepreneur, you want to concentrate on your business. We at PKF Wallast understand that. That is why our accountancy staff can relieve you of a large number of your administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your business. In addition to this, we believe it is important to contribute ideas and inspire you. We do all of this in a personal manner with a team of professionals who have multidisciplinary training. This ensures that we can provide you with correct and timely information, allowing you to maintain a firm hold on your activities.


Financial reporting is subject to specific laws and regulations. Our staff can help you to comply with these regulations, enabling you to lay the foundations for good accountability and gain an insight into the performance of your business. Our expertise, experience and commitment guarantee the quality of the tax-related and financial situation of your company. You will of course decide which services you will be using.


Based on our expertise, we can provide support for the following activities:



Budget Day Special

The 2019 Tax Plan should rightly be called a ‘policy-rich tax plan’, after a ‘policy-poor tax plan’ last year. The tax plan contains the necessary measures from the [...]