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PKF Wallast is more than just an accounting firm or tax advisor. Our professionals support you with quality, passion and enthusiasm. Our wide range of services will help you focus on your business and be in complete control.

PKF Wallast is more than just an accounting firm or tax advisor. Our wide range of services will help you focus on your business and be in complete control.

Analysing & Advising

We specialise in tax advice, financial, commercial and legal advice, business valuation, transaction services, data analytics and risk management. In addition to giving advice, we often take care of the follow-up as well.

Unburdening & Administering

We unburden many of our clients by keeping their accounting and salary records, compiling and approving their financial statements and preparing their various tax returns.

Auditing & Reporting

We perform statutory and voluntary audits for more than 200 companies. IT audits are conducted in house. Furthermore, clients ask us to help with subsidy audits, SOC reports, pre-audits, international and group audits.

Our services

We are involved in all phases of a company’s life, such as incorporation, scale-up, funding, investments, international expansion, acquisition, merger, sale and business succession. However, our assistance extends to the entrepreneur’s personal life, covering aspects such as marriage, business succession, retirement and financial planning.

Why would you engage PKF Wallast?

  • The width and depth of a ‘Big 4’ firm and the versatility of a personal office

  • Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Investors and Wealthy Individuals

  • One point of contact (account manager)

  • Top-30 firm

  • One stop shop – complete service package

  • Quality and personal touch

  • National and international

  • Clients operating in nearly all sectors

  • More than 60 years of experience

Your focus

Our accountants, tax advisors, lawyers, valuators, (IT) auditors, data analysts and consultants support Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Investors, Social Stakeholders and Wealthy Individuals with quality, passion and enthusiasm in their operations and, where desired, in respect of personal finances or tax affairs.


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